Frequently Asked Questions

A: The Company unveiled its new Private Placement Offering of securities on February 16, 2017. That Offering includes the sale of 4 Units of its Common stock for a total maximum Offering of $25,000,000. The Offering is made only by the Memorandum and is available only to Qualified Investors under the meaning of the Jumpstart our Business Startups (“JOBS”) Act. Qualified Investors may contact the Company at:

Email to Investor Relations at:

Telephone Investor Relations at:  (727) 678-4420 (Dial “0” and leave message for screening)

Fax to Investor Relations at:  (877) 513-6295

A: The Company may acquire new or existing entities through stock-for-stock (or stock-for-assets) transactions, through equity capital generated from the sale of its common stock, through debt financing, or a combination of all these. Some stock-for-stock acquisitions may result in a tax-free transaction for certain sellers, thereby providing a financial benefit to them in addition to the potential for stock value appreciation. Each opportunity would require a full evaluation of the available options in seeking to maximize the benefit to all, and most particularly to building value for the shareholders.

A: The Company made its most recent acquisitions on January 15, 2016 as it became a part of the exciting medical cannabis industry, and will continue to seek and evaluate other acquisition opportunities. As of January 2016, we are involved in medical hemp oil extractions (including mobile operations), research and development of products, preparing to introduce our “Soil to Oil” rfid tracking of plants and the products extracted from those plants throughout their entire existence, and other aspects related to the business.

A: The Company will evaluate any candidate for business combination, looking to each for the potentials of profitability and growth.